6th, Sat Jul 2019

Pieter Vermeersch @ Greta Meert, Brussels

Suggested by Paint!

Courtesy of the Artist and Greta Meert

Pieter Vermeersch

Galerie Greta Meert, Brussels
April 25 - July 06, 2019

More details on: http://galeriegretameert.com/exhibitions/4000/


Galerie Greta Meert is pleased to present its second exhibition with Pieter Vermeersch. Originating from photographic sources, Pieter Vermeersch’s work deploys painting as an instrument to create images that perpetually oscillate between abstraction and representation. In scanning the extremities of the medium and its relationship to architecture he looks for the degree zero of an image. His preoccupation with the fundamentals of painting operates within a larger field of exploration where time, space and matter constitute the three main elements. Throughout his work, these elements are mixed with subtle variations as in his colour-graded wall paintings and canvases. Vermeersch’s color gradients are the result of a meticulous and almost mathematical process by which the artist becomes a kind of human printer - blending paint into a smooth and seamless surface he conceals any trace of the labor involved in the making of the painting. Behind their seemingly straightforward appearance, these paintings are the complex condensation of an ancient technique along with the painterly attempt to render the interpretation of a photographic source. Through this complex process of transformation and filtering, Vermeersch’s paintings liberate themselves from objective referents and allow the viewer the intense sensory experience created by the all-over. Between abstraction and figuration, between control and letting-go, from the wall to the canvas, form prints on paper to painted marble slabs, Pieter Vermeersch’s work expands to simultaneously occupy time and space with equal measure and refinement.


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