23rd, Thu Apr 2020

Around The Studios

Interview to Ivan Seal

Maria Chiara Valacchi: Does the place you work, the light you use and the “horror vacui” of the blank canvas; generate an essential relationship? Or are these elements detached from the final result?

Ivan Seal: Headspace: the studio is an ongoing conceptual exercise. An escape: Trap the studio is a filter Separated: perspective. A dance: my mother is a ballroom dancer. Movement towards, around and away: a relationship. A pause: take a Deep breath: a pause. Interupting the now: out of joint - pkd knew - spinning on itself. Flowers. A gap: a black hole. A hole: a sum. All light illuminates: as all light is different, pointlessness of perfection. The disaster: the work. A stone thrown into a still lake: Free improv_hypercognative:time travel. A body slid into a pond: seeing not looking. A mark is made and all is ruined: non-thought solutions to the idea of movement

MCV: Do you approach the question of language with attention or do you think that the research of a personal and unusual identity is far from the goals of making art?

IS: Personal expression as glitch, history as error, identity as questionable, truth as lie

MCV: When did you realize you are a professional painter?

IS: Between 1996 and 2005

MCV: Explain your work on a technical level: materials and construction of the work of art.

IS: The background precedes the foreground, and loop

All Images Courtesy of the Artist

Around The Studios
Interview to Ivan Seal

Four short questions by Maria Chiara Valacchi to renowned painters around the world; from the conceptual problem of "Language" to the relationship with the space where they paint, to virtually enter inside their studios and minds!


"Around The Studio" is curated by Maria Chiara Valacchi and Antonio Di Mino


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